Permanent Exhibits

Volunteers and donations are always welcome so that we can continue to bring leisure education opportunities to the residents and visitors of Pasco County.

Water Cycle Splash Pad

Investigation Station’s latest project is an educational splash pad, located in the Veterans Memorial Park in Hudson, FL.  The splash pad features learning opportunities based on the water cycle.

From the Sun to Pluto

Investigation Station’s first public project was the “From the Sun to Pluto” a virtual walk through our solar system in Starkey Wilderness Park. Visitors make a two-mile trip through beautiful artwork and fun facts about each of the bodies in our solar system, along the bicycle trail, just beyond Shelter #5.


Investigation Station is privileged to join several other exhibits offered by the Pasco County Libraries. The “Kidstruction” Keva plank exhibit is a traveling STEM exhibit, including construction ideas and a catapult and wrecking ball to destroy and encourage expanding ideas.